ICL (implantable contact lens)

ICL (implantable contact lens)

Implantable Contact Lens (ICL)

What is ICL

ICL is a so-called phacic IOL, which is implanted into the eye in addition to the existing natural lens. The lens is manufactured from highly biocompatible Collamer and looks like a soft contactlens. The lens is custom fitted and custom manufactured to the patients needs.

The ICL is implanted via a 3 mm microcut into die anterior chamber of the eye. The eye is numbed only with eyedrops. Patients can opt for a general anaesthesia.

The surgery is minimally invasive and completey reversible.

ICLs have results with excellent visual acuity while preserving full accommodation

Rainer Volz
MD – board certified ophthalmosurgeon, medical director and founder of AOZ Heidelberg

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What is so special about ICLs?

Patients with high myopia and/or high astigmatism can be very handicapped, because glasses and/or contacts do not produce good visual acuity.

For medical/anatomical reasons these patients are often no canditates for LASIK or SMILE. For these patients an ICL is the perfect alternative.

We use EVO Visian ICL lenses from the renown producer Staar Surgical (www.discoverevo.com). The lens resembles a soft contact lens, the material is biocompatible Collamer and the lens has a UV filter.

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Are you suitable? ICL (phakic lenses) in the AOZ Heidelberg

Refractive error
from -2,0 diopters and more
from -0,75 diopters

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Prof. Dr. med. Frank Schlichtenbrede, as owner and director of the AOZ Heidelberg, specializes in lens surgery and the anterior and posterior segment of the eye. Rainer Volz, MD, is a specialist in ICL and eye surgery. Jaron Schilling, MD, is our top surgeon for PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision, SMILE pro and LASIK. Together they have performed thousands of intraocular procedures. Christiane Schiltenwolf, MD, specializes in conservative ophthalmology.

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Why ICL ?

Patients who are no candidates for LASIK or SMILE due to thin or irregular corneas can be good candidates for ICL implantation.

High myopes or patients with high astigmatism, that can not be corrected with LASIK or SMILE can also be good candidates for ICLs.

Course of a ICL procedure

Come in and find out, if you are a candidate. Timeframe 1 hour.

Prior to surgery we do a very detailed exam of your eyes, which includes various measurements, ultrasound, topographies and corneal biomicroskopy.
The resulting data are base for the calculation of your customized ICL.

The eye will be completely numbed with eye-drops. If you prefer, you can also have a general anaesthesia and sleep during the procedure.
The surgery is done with the use of a surgical microscope. Through a very small incision at the side of your eye the customized lens is implanted and the incision is sealed again sutureless.

After surgery you can relax in one of our comfortable suites. We treat you to a light snack and a coffee, if you like. You can leave for home whenever you like. An appointment for the next day is made.

You will receive eyedrops from us and instructions how to use them.

You do not have to expect any pain.

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