Femto Lasik

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LASIK with Femto second laser –
the long-proven laser eye treatment

What is LASIK?

Laser-in-situ-keratomileusis“ is eye-laser-surgery using an excimer and a femtosecond laser. It can correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.


Being tired of glasses and/or contactlenses is a reason to have a LASIK treatment.
Furthermore there ist the cosmetic and economic advantage not having to wear glasses.
If you are myope, hyperope or have an astigmatism you could be a candidate for LASIK

“I have been successfully treating with LASIK since 1996. Of course we use the latest technology today”

Rainer Volz, founder Augenpraxisklinik and AOZ Heidelberg, highvolume surgeon with 30 years experience in eye surgery

Many good reasons to choose AOZ Heidelberg

Board certified medical doctors and surgeons

At the AOZ Heidelberg all medical doctors and surgeons are specialists in their respective fields.
Many good reasons

Experience meets continued medical education

All doctors at AOZ Heidelberg have a summarized professional experience of over 50 years. Permanent training and continued medical education ensure updated medical expertise.
Many good reasons

Quality and Service

Our goal ist o provide utmost service and quality for our patients.
Many good reasons

Procedures & Technology

Worldwide recognized technologies, medical equipment of renown brand producers and the use of premium products reflect our continued quest for quality.
Many good reasons

Course of LASIK

Work-up exam

Prior to surgery there is the necessity to examine and measure your eyes. This is most likely the most extensive eye-exam you ever had. Please make sure to avoid wearing soft contactlenses for 1 week and hard CL for 2 weaks prior to this work-up exam.

The LASIK procedure

Prior to surgery we apply numbing eyedrops and give you a mild tranquilizer.
The femtosecond laser then cuts a corneal flap, followed by the treatment of the exposed cornea with an excimer laser. The flap is then put back into place.

The treatment takes approx. 10 min per eye. Both eyes are treated in the same session. Recovery is fast and you will have good visual acuity the day after surgery.


Best recommendations – how others rank us

“I am much more independent…”

Ivan Buljan – Femto LASIK patient

Our knowledge – your advantage

At AOZ Heidelberg many years of experience in ophthalmic surgery meet thousands of successfully performed intraocular and refractive procedures: Dr. Rainer Volz is a specialist in intraocular surgery and has performed tens of thousands of intraocular and refractive surgeries in more than 25 years. Dr. Jaron Schilling is our Topsurgeon for PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision, SMILE and LASIK with over 1,000 surgeries per year.
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Details with LASIK

iLASIK is a customized procedure using the wavefront technology and a high frequency eye-tracker-

Bei der iDesign-Analyse wird eine wellenfrontunterstützte Aufnahme des optischen Systems Auge angefertigt, quasi ein Fingerabdruck.

Intralase Technologie nennt man die Präparation des Hornhautdeckelchens durch den Femtosekundenlaser. Dieses braucht man, um die iLASIK durchführen zu können. Der Femtosekundenlaser wirkt innerhalb der Hornhaut, ohne Verletzung der Hornhautoberfläche. Er bietet verschiedene Vorteile, insbesondere eine höhere Sicherheit und Genauigkeit.

Die Behandlung der Fehlsichtigkeit wird mit dem Advanced CustomVue durchgeführt. Hierbei handelt es sich um eine maßgeschneiderte Behandlung der Hornhaut. Der Excimer-Laser arbeitet sehr schnell und sicher.

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How to continue?

4 steps to get rid of your glasses and contacts

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