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Ophthalmology and eyes

Eyes are essential organs of human beings. Many people suffer from dysfunctions or diseases of the eyes. If those are not discovered and treated in time permanent damage can occur. Blindness is a worldwide problem and could be avoided in 80% of cases if treated properly.

To discover and treat diseases as soon as possible we use modern and state-of-the-art diagnostic devices. With that and the knowledge of our doctors we can detect and treat irregularities and prevent a permanent defect in most cases.

Early detection of pathologies of the visual system and corresponding therapy is prevention of blindness.

Focus of interest

Next to our specialties refractive, cataract, glaucoma and vitreoretinal surgery we also offer all general ophthalmology diagnostics and therapies.

Another, relatively new special field is medical retina. This developed in response to new treatment options of the retina/macula such as intravitreal injections, laser, and cryotherapy.

Our philosophie
We said goodbye to full waiting rooms and only standard surgery cases. We offer the full scale and also treat difficult cases that will not receive therapy elsewhere.

"Most patients report with some kind of concern. This I take very serious and try to find the problem."

Dr. med. Christiane Schiltenwolf - C.S., MD, board certified ophthalmologist

AOZ Heidelberg eye-center is an independent, privat surgical facility with a high standard in expertise and service quality. We have a longtime high volume experience and know-how which is of benefit to our patients.

We do know that to some patients the price is an issue, but we only have one life and 2 eyes. Therefore we do not believe in faster and cheaper. Each patient should get the best possible diagnostic and therapy, independent of costs.

Many good reasons to choose AOZ Heidelberg

Board certified medical doctors and surgeons

At the AOZ Heidelberg all medical doctors and surgeons are specialists in their respective fields.
Many good reasons

Experience meets continued medical education

All doctors at AOZ Heidelberg have a summarized professional experience of over 50 years. Permanent training and continued medical education ensure updated medical expertise.
Many good reasons

Quality and Service

Our goal ist o provide utmost service and quality for our patients.
Many good reasons

Procedures & Technology

Worldwide recognized technologies, medical equipment of renown brand producers and the use of premium products reflect our continued quest for quality.
Many good reasons

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