FAQ - Frequently asked questions


FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Ask the AOZ doctors

The question if vision-correction-surgery is the right thing for you depends on your needs and your lifestyle.
To find out if you are a candidate for vision-correction-surgery we offer free consultations with one of the surgeons.

General questions

Statistics say you have a 98% chance to be a canditate.

Take the AOZ-eye-test to find out in general if you could be a candidate. There are various alternatives to correct your vision. All of them are offered at the AOZ:

Which method is definitely the right one for you depends on the results of your eye-work-up exam.
Find yout if you are a candidate by booking a free consultation.

A treatment of presbyopia is possible.

From a certain age on everybody needs reading glasses, even if she/he has perfekt vision for the distance or had eye-laser-surgery previously. People of age 40 and older are presbyopic and need reading glasses.
A laser-vision-correction ist however possible and among few others we offer the Carl ZEISS patented Laser Blended Vision method PRESBYOND.
An alternative is the implantation of multifocal lenses or lenses with an extended depth of focus (EDOF).
Find out which method suits you best.

Our goal is to make all treatments easy and comfortable for you. We will guide you and make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Once you are at our eye laser center we will arrange and plan everything for you. Next to a high-end treatment from experts that use state-of-the-art equipement our focus is to kept all treatments painless and take all anxiety away from you.

Service is key at the AOZ Heidelberg

After a treatment like LASIK oer SMILE you usually do not need glasses anymore.

The goal of all treatments is to achieve best visiual acuity without glasses or contacts.
Should there be a remaining or a reappearing refractive error we offer an enhancement which is free of extra costs up to one year after surgery.

Expect 1,5 to 2 hours. To get a best possible result we do many very detailed measurements that yield the data for your treatment. These measurements are therefore very important and should not be done in a rush. In the mentioned time-frame we also give you all the information you need and you will have plenty of time to ask questions.

Yes, definitely.

Contacts shape the cornea. Therefore you should not wear soft contacts 1 week and hard contacts 2 weeks prior to your eye exam.

Follow-ups are for your safety.

Usually we follw-up on day-one after surgery, after one week and after one month or as often as necessary.

In general, yes.

We always plan treatments in a way that would make retreatments possible, if necessary.

Questions about eye-laser-surgery

Depending on the kind of treatments you can expect only a few minutes per eye.

The process of the laser treatmets alone takes for SMILE around 10 seconds. LASIK and PRESBYOND laser times are only a little longer. Everything included you can expect a treatment time in the OR of about 10 minutes per eye.

Yes you will be awake.

Laser-eye-treatments do not require a general anaesthesia.

No you don't. LASIK, PRESBYOND and SMILE is absolutely free of pain.

Numbing eye-drops make the treatment painless.
Some patients experience a slight irritation after surgery and some sort of glare. You will receive fancy sunglasses and medication to make you as comfortable as possible.


With eye-laser-treatments both eyes are done in one session.

No you can not go blind from eye-laser-surgery.

This is actually a frequently asked question and it is a definite – no.

There are only very few risks and side-effects are rare.

As with all surgical treatments there can be risks and side effects. To reduce this to an absolute minimumwe believe in a very comprehensive work-up exam, however long this takes. Possible side effects are: dry-eye, glare, initial over- or undercorrection.
Even if you experience side-effects these can be taken care of.

During the work-up exam we explain risks and side-effects in detail.

The day after surgery you can drive.

Please do not drive when you have your surgery appointment. Have a friend or family member bring you and take you home after surgery or use public transportation.

7 days would be a good time to do without make-up.

The day after your treatment you are able to work. Once you go back to work you should, however, use your eye-drop medications as prescribed. If you do computer work you should be aware of the possibility of dry eyes.

Many good reasons to choose AOZ Heidelberg

Board certified medical doctors and surgeons

At the AOZ Heidelberg all medical doctors and surgeons are specialists in their respective fields.
Many good reasons

Experience meets continued medical education

All doctors at AOZ Heidelberg have a summarized professional experience of over 50 years. Permanent training and continued medical education ensure updated medical expertise.
Many good reasons

Quality and Service

Our goal ist o provide utmost service and quality for our patients.
Many good reasons

Procedures & Technology

Worldwide recognized technologies, medical equipment of renown brand producers and the use of premium products reflect our continued quest for quality.
Many good reasons
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