AOZ Team

AOZ team

AOZ Team

Our emplyees are essential to provide a high-standing service to patients. They are motivated, trained and guaranty for a successful, reliable and safe service.

We promote employees and their special talents under consideration of principles like:

  • Trust
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Excellenz
At AOZ Heidelberg we supports a work environment of diversity, quality of life and individual striving

Rainer Volz, MD

Board certified ophthalmologist and ophthalmosurgeon in Germany and Switzerland

Studies of medicin in USA and Germany

Workexperience and fellowships at various eye clinics in Germany and abroad.

in Heidelberg auf jameda

Prof. Dr. med. Frank Schlichtenbrede

Board certified ophthalmologist and ophthalmosurgeon, Fellow European Board of Ophthalmology

Medicalschool in Bonn, Germany, and Dublin, Ireland

Intern- and Fellowship University Eye Clinic Leipzig, Germany

Research: Institute of Ophthalmology, London, 2000 - 2002

Surgical training and workexperience at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London and East Kent Hospitals, Canterbury 2002- 2005

Assistent Medical Director University Eye Clinic Mannheim, Germany 2005

Since 2012 Medical Director University Eye Clinic Mannheim, Germany

Member of various ophthalmological societies national and international

More than 50 scientific pubblications

Christiane Schiltenwolf, MD

Board certified ophthalmologist

Medicalschool Mainz University, Germany

Assistant Medical Director University Eye Clinic, Mainz, Germany

Medical Journalist

Employment in various eye practices

Since 2016 ophthalmologist at AOZ Heidelberg

Member of various ophthalmological societies national and international

Jaron Schilling, MD

Board certified ophthalmologist and ophthalmosurgeon

Medicalschool University Düsseldorf, Germany

Intern- and Fellowship University Eye Clinic Essen, Germany

Surgical training in Germany and abroad

Medical Director Euroeyes Eye-laser-centers Düsseldorf, Obberhausen, Dortmund and Frankfurt 2009 - 2018

High Volume LASIK and SMILE surgeon with more than 1000 surgeries/year

Member of various ophthalmological societies national and international

in Heidelberg auf jameda

Friedrich Betzer, MD

Board certified anaesthesiologist

Dr. Betzer and Dr. Volz have a very long professional cooperation. Their experience with thousands of surgeries is the prerequisite to treat even difficult cases successfully. They have common values concerning patient service and are friends for over 30 years.

Svenja Sorm

Centermanager and patient coordinator

Certified optician

11 years of industry experience

2 years branch-manager for a large eye-center-group


Trust: Others rate the AOZ Heidelberg with top marks

Dr. med. Jaron Schilling & Dr. med. Rainer Volz

Our experience, our know-how – your advantage!

Dr. Rainer Volz is a spezialist in intraocular surgery and has performed ten-thousands of intraocular and refractive surgeries. Dr. Jaron Schilling is our Topsurgeon for SMILE and LASIK with over 1000 surgeries per year. Years of surgical experience and thousands of successful intraoperative and refractive surgeries.

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Alexandra Gutemann, Optician

Julia Herberger, Optometrists

Elena Marcato, Bachelor of Science in Optometry

Suzan Mutlu, Optometrists

Irene Ogryseck, Optometrists


Ivona Becker, Medical Assistant | Surgical assistant

Suzan Emre, Medical Assistant | Anesthesia team

Bozena Kühnlenz, Medical Assistant | Surgical assistant

Gordica Stevkovski, Medical Assistant | Head of surgical team

Bircan Yenice, Medical Assistant | Anesthesia team


Susanne Becker-Kunz, Nurse

Irina Eckert, Medical Assistant | Appointment management, patient care

Daniela Krohn, Medical Assistant | Appointment management, patient care

Kerstin Maier, Medical Assistant | Patient care, consultation assistant, surgical assistant

Daniela Marneth, Medical Assistant | Reception

Luljeta Paloj, Administration and Health Management (B.Sc.) | Consultation assistant, equipment examinations

Natascha Schmauder, Medical Assistant | Reception, consultation assistant

Özlem Seis, Head of reception

Luwam Tesfamichael, Retraining Medical Assistant

Carina Welz, Consultation assistant, accounting

Many good reasons to choose AOZ Heidelberg

Board certified medical doctors and surgeons

At the AOZ Heidelberg all medical doctors and surgeons are specialists in their respective fields.
Many good reasons

Experience meets continued medical education

All doctors at AOZ Heidelberg have a summarized professional experience of over 50 years. Permanent training and continued medical education ensure updated medical expertise.
Many good reasons

Quality and Service

Our goal ist o provide utmost service and quality for our patients.
Many good reasons

Procedures & Technology

Worldwide recognized technologies, medical equipment of renown brand producers and the use of premium products reflect our continued quest for quality.
Many good reasons
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