Natural aging

Presbyopia is the natural aging process of the lens of the eye. It refers to the loss of elasticity of the lens that occurs with age, causing difficulty to focus on objects at a close distance. Presbyopia usually becomes significant after the age of 40.

Presbyopia reduces the ability to read close up or work on a computer.

Reading glasses or glasses with progressive lenses help to read or work at a close distance.

Do you want to have the option to function without visual aids? No matter, if it is sports, hobby or daily life?

Presbyopia can be corrected with the laser (LASIK). If you are a candidate depends on your individual prerequisites.

There is also the possiblity to correct presbyopia with special, implantable lenses. These lenses were developed to achieve vision without glasses from close up to distance.

There are various methods that are safe and successful to correct your refractive error. All listed refractive procedures below are successfully and professionally performed in the AOZ. Please give us the opportunity to evaluate, which method is most suited and save to correct your refractive error:

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