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SMILE Laser-Vision-Correction

What is SMILE?

ReLEx SMILE (Small Incision Lenticle Extraction) is the most advanced, minimal-invasive laser eye treatment.
SMILE is the least invasive of all eye-laser-procedures using the keyhole-surgery principle. There is no flap cutting from the cornea.
This makes the treatment faster and more convenient for the patient with less side effects. SMILE has a shorter recovery period than PRK/LASIK.
SMILE allows even the treatment of higher refractive errors, thinner corneas and dry eyes.

“A short recoverytime…the whole procedure takes 28 seconds”

Jaron Schilling, MD – certified high-volume LASIK and SMILE surgeon

Many good reasons to choose AOZ Heidelberg

Board certified medical doctors and surgeons

At the AOZ Heidelberg all medical doctors and surgeons are specialists in their respective fields.
Many good reasons

Experience meets continued medical education

All doctors at AOZ Heidelberg have a summarized professional experience of over 50 years. Permanent training and continued medical education ensure updated medical expertise.
Many good reasons

Quality and Service

Our goal ist o provide utmost service and quality for our patients.
Many good reasons

Procedures & Technology

Worldwide recognized technologies, medical equipment of renown brand producers and the use of premium products reflect our continued quest for quality.
Many good reasons

What is so special about SMILE?

ReLex SMILE reduces treatment- and recovery-time, while increasing safety and comfort.
It can treat higher refractive errors, thinner corneas and dry eyes.
SMILE is flap-less and provides a more stable cornea.

After layer eye treatment.


Best recommendations – how others rank us

“All expectations met!”

Christoph Racek – ReLex SMILE patient

Our knowledge – your advantage

Dr. Rainer Volz is a specialist in intraocular surgery and has performed thousands of intraocular and refractive surgeries. Prof. Dr. Frank Schlichtenbrede specializes in the anterior and posterior segment of the eye. Dr. Jaron Schilling is our Topsurgeon for PRESBYOND Laser Blended Vision, SMILE and LASIK. Dr. Christiane Schiltenwolf is our expert for conservative ophthalmology.
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ReLex SMILE Pros

Microcut key-hole surgery

The experienced surgeon performs the procedure in one step and in few seconds

Less dry eyes after surgery

Due to the minimal-invasive nature of the surgery there are less side effects such as dry eyes after surgery

Faster healing

Minimal trauma is responsible for faster recovery

Minimal-invasiver Eingriff bei SMILE Augenlaser Behandlung

SMILE ist the newest generation in refractive-eye-laser treatments

It is a minimal-invasive 2 mm key-hole surgery

Eingriff bei LASIK Augenlaser Behandlung

“Classic” LASIK

Needs 20 mm circular cut, flap lifting and the use of 2 lasers

Are you a candidate for SMILE?

Myopia up to -10 diopters

No other eye-laser-surgery can correct such high prescription

Astigmatism of up to -5 diopters

SMILE is suitable for eyes, which can not be treated with LASIK

More stable

ReLex SMILE leaves a more stable cornea after surgery

*find out more by booking our free initial consultation

Course of a SMILE procedure

Just book a free consultation with us and find out if you are a canditate for ReLex SMILE.

Prior to surgery there is the necessity to examine and measure your eyes. This is most likely the most extensive eye-exam you ever had. Please make sure to avoid wearing soft contactlenses for 1 week and hard CL for 2 weaks prior to this work-up exam.

Prior to surgery you will receive numbing eye drops and a mild tranquilizer.
In the OR the surgeon will remove the corneal lenticle under the microscope of the laser. 3-4 minutes later the procedure is finished and you will already be able to readthe clock on the wall. A bandage is not necessary.
Afterwards have a seat in the waiting area, relax or leave for home.

4-5 hours after surgery vision will improve already. Apply eyedrops as prescribed.
As a routine we follow-up on day 1, one week and 1 month after surgery.

Frequently asked questions about SMILE

Statistics say you have a 98% chance to be a canditate.

Take the AOZ-eye-test to find out in general if you could be a candidate for an eye laser treatment. There are various alternatives to correct your vision. All of them are offered at the AOZ:

Which method is definitely the right one for you depends on the results of your eye-work-up exam. Find out by signing up for your individual & free evaluation appointment.

SMILE procedure takes an average 28 seconds per eye. As a matter of fact SMILE laser treatment itself usually takes less than half a minute per eye. Your stay with us at the AOZ Heidelberg lasts approximately one and a half hours for the completet treatment of both eyes.

No you don't. SMILE is absolutely free of pain.

You will hardly notice anything during the procedure. SMILE is a minimally invasive procedure that will help you recover faster than any other eye laser procedure.

Numbing eye-drops make the treatment painless. Some patients experience a slight irritation after surgery and some sort of glare. You will receive fancy sunglasses and medication to make you as comfortable as possible.

After a SMILE treatment you usually will not need glasses or contacts anymore.

The goal of all treatments is to achieve best visual acuity without glasses or contacts.

Should there be a remaining or a reappearing refractive error we offer an enhancement which is free of extra costs up to one year after surgery.

What do you want to know?

The test
Are you eligible for eye-laser-surgery?
Find out taking our test

Fees & financing
Transparent & affordable. All prices and interest-free financing

Eye laser consultation
Sign up for your individual & free consultation appointment and find out if you are a candidate for laser-vision-correction
How to continue?

4 steps to get rid of your glasses and contacts

1. Individual Evaluation Appointment
2. Work-up Exam
3. Treatment Procedure
4. Post-op Care
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