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Willkommen/Welcome/ترحيب/Bienvenidos/добро пожаловать/Hoşgeldiniz/Benvenuto/Gruezi to the AOZ

The AOZ (Augenärztliches Operations Zentrum) + Praxis, is an ophthalmology clinic at Bismarckplatz in Bergheimerstr. 10-12, Heidelberg.

The range of operations includes all ambulatory eye operations at highest standards, as well as refractive surgical interventions for a life without glasses. Advanced eye diagnostics and therapy will be offered under one roof.

The AOZ is led by the medical expertise of Dr. med. Rainer Volz. In his medical team, you will find experienced and extensively trained employees, as well as trained team members for special areas, that ensure a successful, reliable and safe treatment of the patient.

Dr. Volz has been working for almost 20 years non-stop at Bismarckplatz as an eye surgeon and ophthalmologist. In this time there have been over 100,000 ambulatory operations by him and his earlier partner.

The AOZ + practice aim is to continue and further develop the service orientated and excellence mentality in the area of ambulant eye operations.

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